Our Pledge

Our Pledge for Company and Community Diversity. Equity. And Inclusion.

At FIT4MOM Holland, our mission is to provide a Wellness Experience where all moms feel appreciated and valued.

We offer support and community for every age and stage of motherhood; promote body appreciation, acceptance, positivity, and inclusivity; solicit feedback to continue to improve our programs and client experience; pledge to speak out against bias and microaggressions; and believe “all bodies are good bodies”.

As a company that values love and inclusivity, we take a stand to support and welcome #allthemoms.

We are cultivating a community of belonging and empowerment. As an organization, we will use the privilege we have, for positive change.

We are not experts. We understand that being an ally is just the beginning.

Diversity is so much more than Race. Diversity is also:

- Cultural and Ethnicity

- Religious or Spiritual Beliefs

- Age

- Sex/Gender – Gender Identity, Including Transgender; and Intersex

- Sexual Orientation/Sexual Identity

- Ability/Disability

In alignment with our beliefs and in support of our mission, we:

· Commit to doing the work of Unlearning and taking steps forward towards becoming an Anti-Racist Company.

- This means that we are also taking steps away from diet culture.

· Incorporate Anti-Racism and body acceptance & appreciation training into our team hiring and onboarding process.

· Share resources, tools, and educational materials with our FIT4MOM Holland community and team members.

· Facilitate public discussions for personal and parental growth. As we are not experts in all topics, we will include local and national speakers, consultants, and other professionals in these discussions.

· Celebrate and support inclusivity, racial equity, and body positivity in our story times, playgroups, partnerships, hiring decisions, and all aspects of our business.

· Live out our FIT4MOM core values:

- Love

- Inspiration

- Inclusivity

- Positivity

- Authenticity

- Ripple

Let’s unite to show solidarity, speak up, and take action.

Your voice matters, your awareness matters, and your courage can make a difference.

We are inviting you to take this life-long journey with us.