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Black Maternal Health Week Links Resources

Black Maternal Health Week is April 11 - 17.

This post will hold space for links and resources for us all to continue learning.

- 5 Facts Proving Black Maternal Health Week is More Important, From Essence Magazine Online -

- Serena Williams reveals more details of her labor -

- Dr. Shalon Irving Story on NPR -

I want to take a moment now and share that while researching Kira Johnson, the top 4 related searches on Google asked the question, in one way or another, "will I die during childbirth?" or "Is it normal to worry about dying while giving birth?"

While we are all aware that pregnancy does involve some risk, it is truly heartbreaking that these thoughts are associated with Black women on a much higher level.

- Charles Johnson honors his wife Kira and gives a voice to other women who have died during or from complications of childbirth -